Drag-and-drop batch files builder.

No need to learn command names and numerious switches! Simple visual tool that operates with tasks instead of commands will save you a lot of time.

All commands have titles that are easy to understand like "Copy files", "Delete folder" and etc. It also wraps more complex code generation like testing parameters and automating complex command line tools like FTP client.

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Key benefits of "Make Batch Files"


Visual Builder

Drag-and-drop commands to your batch file project, set switches and params using dialogs.


Easy to understand

All commands have descriptive titles. No need to remember complex abbreviated names.


Code generator

Creates a lot of additional batch file code for you, not just commands and switches.


More command-line tools

Supports 3-rd party command line tools like 7zip, Curl, SendMail.


Reuse code

You can create code snippets and reuse them later in other projects.


Easy to use GUI for advanced command line tools

For example task scheduler has more than 5 screens of switches. "Make Batch Files" has a single dialog for it.